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Pressure Tech co. Ltd

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Since our formation in November 2000, Pressure Tech has developed an extensive range of high quality stainless steel pressure regulators for use on gas and liquid applications. Our ability to work closely with our customers, and listen to their specific needs, has helped ensure we design products that provide accurate control to their systems, with long term reliability in service.
With a large investment in CNC machinery in 2008, our in-house machining ensures we have control over production to maintain flexibility with minimal lead
times. Our business model also provides a rapid response to develop unique product designs within a matter of weeks for customers to evaluate.
Pressure Tech regulators are manufactured within the UK and covered by ISO-9001 accreditation. With product being supplied throughout the World via our growing network of distributors, we're quickly being recognised as a market leader in supply of quality pressure regulators. 

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Company Name: Pressure Tech co. Ltd
Country: China
Website: http://www.pressure-tech.com/