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Customize Pressure Foot Assembly / Pressure Feet Cup180k Rpm 12k Rpm

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Customize Pressure Foot Assembly / Pressure Feet Cup180k Rpm 12k Rpm

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City & Province jiangsu
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Product Details

Customize Pressure Foot Assembly Pressure Feet Cup for Hans Drilling Machine 180k rpm 12k rpm



Item Name:Pressure Foot Cup
Color:as picture
Payment terms:Western Union, T/T,Paypal
Application:CNC PCB Hans Drilling Machine
Spindle Speed:180krpm


Basic Information:

Origin of place:China
Material:Aluminum/costing iron,etc



Pressure Foot Cup is the irreplaceable part on PCB molding machine. It is placed on pneumatic rod to link with brush
parts for cleaning the PCBA that prevents PCBA from been corroded and oxdized. This new type pressure foot is
ued on the AEMG routing machine.


Pressure foot assembly:
In the case of the correct selection of the cover plate and the backing plate, the pressure foot assembly consisting of the synchronous cylinder, the chip suction cover and the pressure foot is a key factor affecting the quality of the drilling. In the past when drilling holes with a diameter of 0.5mm or more, under the condition that the CPK (Process Capability Index) ≥ 1.33 on the reverse side of the floor and the hole wall roughness ≤ 25.4μm were used, a fixed chip suction cover and a single-hole pressure foot were usually used. As the drilling hole diameter of printed circuit boards is gradually reduced (currently mainly concentrated at φ0.3mm, most of φ0.1 ~ 0.2mm), the precision of the pressure foot assembly of traditional chip suction hood and single-hole pressure foot configuration in the drilling accuracy And drilling quality are somewhat inadequate, which affects machining accuracy. To this end, a switching foot assembly is designed. The inner diameter of φ8.5mm is responsible for drilling large holes, and the inner diameter of φ2.5mm is responsible for drilling small holes. 


Product show:

Our Advantages:

Because of our ability to listen, communicate, and react, thousands of loyal customers choose our PCB services over the competition. You can trust Kunshan Sochi to provide you with transparent pricing, nice quality, unparalleled customer service, and on-time shipping. We are committed to your total satisfaction, and if there are any issues, we will make it right!

We usually accept 100%TT in advance,Western Union, Paypal,others could be negotiated.

Option A: Standard solid wooden case with plastic wrap
Option B: According to cutomers' requirements


Form and material of pressure foot:


The main function of the pressure foot is to compact the workpiece system. Through its slotted ventilation structure, it provides air supplement for the vacuum system, forms a better convection system, and has a larger buffer effect. Different brands of mechanical drilling design manufacturers based on different considerations, the material of the pressure foot is metal materials and non-metal materials.
PCB numerical control drilling machine as an important equipment in printed circuit board processing, its processing quality has a great impact on the performance of electronic products. 
Why us?
1. The raw materials of our products are with nice quality, and our products have good physical and chemical properties, wear resistance and long service life
2. We have professional technical designers, engaged in CNC lathe for more than 10 years.
3. Constantly strive for the perfection of quality, the surface treatment of the product is meticulous, no burr, and strictly control every details.
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