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Interface Devices Original Circuit Board Chip ADM202EARNZ AD SOP8 High Speed

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Interface Devices Original Circuit Board Chip ADM202EARNZ AD SOP8 High Speed

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Interface Devices ADM202EARNZ AD Original Circuit Board Chip SOP8




The ADM202E and ADM1181A are robust, high speed, 2-channel RS-232/V.28 interface devices that operate from a single 5 V power supply. Both products are suitable for operation in harsh electrical environments and are compliant with the EU directive on EMC (89/336/EEC). Both the level of electromagnetic emissions and immunity are in compliance. EM immunity includes ESD protection in excess of ±15 kV on all I/O lines, fast transient/burst protection (1000-4-4), and radiated immunity (1000-4-3). EM emissions include radiated and conducted emissions as required by Information Technology Equipment EN55022, CISPR22.




Complies with 89/336/EEC EMC directive
ESD protection to IEC1000-4-2 (801.2)
±8 kV: contact discharge
±15 kV: air-gap discharge
±15 kV: human body model
EFT fast transient/burst immunity (IEC1000-4-4)
Low EMI emissions (EN55022)
230 kbits/s data rate guaranteed
TSSOP package option
Upgrade for MAX202E, 232E, LT1181A




General-purpose RS-232 data link
Portable instruments


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